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Memorial Services & Live Streaming

As you can imagine, the life of a videographer has come to a sudden halt with the cancellation and postponement of weddings, events and social gatherings. Another industry hit hard with social distancing has been funeral services. Prior to March 2020, we probably filmed 1-3 memorial services per year, typically when family and friends lived far away. With most churches closed, those saying goodbye to loved ones are now limited to brief cemetery services with immediate family only. For some, having a videographer live stream the service is a unique and simple solution for extended family and friends to attend. While phones and Ipads can do the task, having a professional tripod mounted camera and a pro digital encoder is the best way to provide viewers with a TV quality experience. Live streams are also saved and available on-demand for playback at any time. We have recently live streamed 6 services in 14 days and it appears this format may be around a while until social gatherings can be safe for all. Visitation is also getting high tech with videoconferencing setups that include "Drive Up" services that utilize a big screen with a camera inside the funeral home, and another big screen with a

camera in the parking lot. Visitors pull up, one at a time and can express their condolences in a real time conversation with the family.

For more information on Memorial Service Live Streaming, please email Darryn at

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