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Below is some general information on getting your Zoom Video Conference setup along with a few tips for best performance and a smooth experience. We strongly suggest you download the app and test prior to your scheduled video conference.

Zoom can be installed/used on any device that has a camera, speaker and microphone. Tablets and smart phones work great, but we suggest laptops for a few reasons such as a larger viewing area, a stationary device, easier to navigate settings with a mouse, etc. A neat, quiet area with no windows or strong lighting behind you will also make for better quality video.

After installing Zoom, Click the settings icon (The gear cog typically in top right corner) and from here you can test your video and audio by clicking the tabs.

When joining a Zoom meeting, the video and audio is typically turned off by default. On the bottom left of the screen you will see a microphone and camera icon. If they have a red slash through them, that means they are turned off. Clicking them should turn them on. See screen grab below.

To view all participants on screen at same time, like a grid, you need to turn on Gallery View, which should be at top right corner of the screen.

If your having any issues during testing, please Contact Us. We can schedule a one-on-one walk-through and demo.

Download/Install the Zoom App Here

View the tutorials on Zoom Here

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