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For our next trick, we bring you a combo of online trivia along with a Zoom virtual party! There are 2 different ways to play....

Trivia With Zoom) Step 1; For the Zoom crowd, join the Zoom party in event details link below. This is where the trivia is hosted and we can laugh and play along together, but still play trivia on our own. Step 2, on a second device, click the trivia link in event details below and enter the code. The ideal setup for Plan A would be joining Zoom with a laptop or computer, and joining trivia with an Ipad/Tablet/Smart Phone, or even a second laptop.

Trivia Without Zoom) You can play trivia without being in the Zoom group, but since you will not hear the host you will need to keep your eyes on the screen for new questions.

Typical ZTC night will have 3 rounds of trivia, 3 different subjects and each round will be 10 questions. If you have ever played Buzztime Trivia at a bar, this is very similar. You will see a question with 4 choices and you make your choice on your device. When you first join you will choose a player/team name. The leader board will update as we play, and I will show the leader board in between each question. I will be using the basic version which only allows 20 players, so be on time and sign up, don't be left out!

See below for our next event!



Our Next Zoom Trivia Challenge: FRIDAY, April 3'rd, 7:00 PM.

7:00 pm: Zoom Party Lounge Opens Click Here To Join

7:15 PM: Trivia Begins Link Coming Soon