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Zoom Trivia Challenge, or affectionately known as ZTC is a great way to hang out with old friends, meet some new ones, and play a fun interactive trivia game all at once! You will need 2 different devices to participate, one device for the Zoom Lounge and the other device for trivia. Below are the steps for an ideal setup:

Zoom: Device #1 will be used for the Zoom Lounge. This device will need a built in camera or webcam and a microphone. Perfect devices are laptops and Ipads. I suggest a laptop for a couple of reasons. A laptop can sit on the table and you can tilt the cover to adjust the camera easily. This also makes you "hands free" so you can play trivia with the other device. You will need to download the Zoom app to whichever device you use, download from the Zoom Download Page Here. Here are a few tips using Zoom:


<1> Typically, when you enter the Zoom Lounge event, the camera and microphone are turned off. On the bottom left of the screen there are 2 icons, a camera and a microphone. If they have a red slash across them, they are off. Click them to turn them on.

<2> To view everyone at same time, use Gallery View, which should be on top right of screen. This works great on laptops but certain devices may only show a certain amount of people.

<3> Try to setup in a quiet well lit room but without bright lights directly behind you.

Trivia: Device #2 will be used for trivia. This can be any device with internet access, laptop, ipad, phone, etc. No app is necessary, you simply navigate to the website in the details below. Depending on the device used, you may need to enter the provided code. Enter a username, which can be anything you like, sit back and get ready!


Typical ZTC night will have 3 rounds of trivia, 3 different subjects and each round will be 10 questions. If you have ever played Buzztime Trivia at a bar, this is very similar. You will see a question with 4 choices and you make your choice on your device. The faster you answer, the more points your earn. The leader board will update as we play and will be shown in between each question.

Family-Style Play: Many guests connect a device to the big screen TV for Zoom, but this is also very helpful for "Family Style" Trivia play. Now everyone can see the questions/photos quickly. When trivia starts, mute the microphone on Zoom so you can talk among yourselves.

Connect to TV with laptop and HDMI Cable:   If you don't have a spare HDMI cable, unplug the HDMI cable from your cable box and connect to TV. You may need to change the "Input" or "Source" on the TV with TV remote.

Mirror to TV with Device: There are a few different ways to mirror a device to a TV and is different for android/IOS. If you an Iphone/Ipad and also an Apple TV, its a piece of cake. If you have never setup mirroring before, Google and Youtube are your friends. If you continue having trouble getting the mirror to work, find a teenager!!

The Zoom Lounge opens at 7:00 pm and trivia starts at 7:15, if its your first time attending I highly recommend logging in early so you can check things out and be ready. If you would like a one-on-one demo PRIOR to Fridays, please Contact Me. 

See below for our next event!



Next Zoom Trivia Challenge: Friday, January 14, 2022, 7:00 PM.

Trivia Subjects: 2021 Year In Review & Holiday Movie Bingo

7:00 pm: Zoom Lounge Opens: Direct Link Here

Manually Join:

Meeting ID: 839 3377 9661
Passcode: 095661

7:15 PM: Trivia Begins: Direct Link Here

Manually Join: Open

Enter Event Code at top of page: VTHGK



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