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Norwood Media Group is now providing a fun, interactive way to remain connected with your clients/employees as we wait out social distancing. Our Trivia Challenge works just like "Lounge Trivia" but is played virtually from home.




Here is how it works:


  • Host posts the upcoming virtual trivia challenge on their web page/social media pages, email list, etc. This is where the your players will come from.

  • The page linked at bottom below is a “sample” page and can be edited cooperatively to include the trivia hosts logos, links, etc.

  • The winner of the nightly trivia game gets bragging rights and we will forward the winning team name(s) to you for posting.

  • We create all our trivia games so we can even add some directly related to your establishment, for example, we can show a photo of a bartender with "Name This Bartender", or photo of a meal with "Name This Popular Plate".


If you would like to try out the trivia challenge in demo mode, Contact Us with a date and time and we will send a link to play.


Here is link to demo page:

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